Customer Value Statement

Our highest priority after selling any product is to keep it operating. Knowing that customers need their products to produce an income or maintain a lifestyle underlines our customer commitment to ensure that your equipment is reliable and if you do have a problem that we react proactively to minimise any downtime that you may experience.

Our customers are part of our business and without you, our business would not exist therefore we value the feedback that you provide so that we can continually improve our after sales support to you.

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After Hours Support

Bertoli Farm Machinery Pty Ltd provides seasonal after hours support to keep your machinery operating at peak efficiency during harvest, sowing and other busy times of the year. Our field service is backed by genuine parts availability as well as technical support from our suppliers.

Staff Training

We are committed to continually improve our knowledge so service personnel receive full training by qualified technical trainers through all our manufacturers/suppliers. We have also invested in sending staff overseas for Technical training and will continue to do as the need arises to ensure that we can offer our customer the best technical support for their products. We are dedicated in terms of our culture with regard to learning; all service staff are kept up to date with the latest technology and product developments.


New machinery purchased from Bertoli Farm Machinery Pty Ltd comes with a range of warranty options for parts and service dependant on supplier. The conditions of warranty coverage are provided at the time of machine delivery.

The warranty systems that our manufacture/suppliers have are designed to be efficient and in most cases are accessed through a Dealer On-line Portal. 

At all times you should consider the following 2 points with regard to Warranty as this is what all manufacturers will determine their warranty policy on;

Is the issue caused due to a “Defect in Workmanship”?

Is the issue caused due to a “Defect in Material”?

Technology Investment

Bertoli’s technical staff are provided with a range of information technology systems to provide our customers with the right service knowledge to rectify an issue. We have invested heavily in the following;

  • Laptop Computers
  • Service Information DVD’s
  • DMS Operating System
  • Product Data Logs
  • Dyno Tester